Thursday, April 11

The Tweet of Balls: A Brief History

This post is best read in the voice of a very enthusiastic Stephen Fry, with even more enthusiasm.

To understand this we must go back to a magical time, almost two years ago now.

It was April 28th, 2011. Twitter was doing what Twitter does. Politicians did what they were doing. Some were even doing it on Twitter.

Unbeknownst to either group, the Twitterverse was about to collide with the life of an MP in a very majestic way.

Somewhere, in an office, or on a train, or wherever it is he goes, Ed Balls had Twitter open on the device of his choosing. He typed his name. Where? In the search box... OR DID HE?!

No! He didn't! He missed! Instead of searching to see the gossip about his own life spreading through the tubes, he pressed enter only to find a Tweet appear. A wonderfully memorable tweet. A tweet which gave away his intentions to search. A tweet which was quickly retweeted hundreds of times. 

Oh how Twitter laughed. "Look at the politician! He can't even search his name! Ho ho ho!" and a meme was born.

Unlike the average person, the magical beast that is Ed Balls decided to face the music, choosing not to delete the tweet. So there it has sat, for 2 years. Just one name...

"Ed Balls"

Every now and then it emerges from the shadows and the peasants rejoice once more over Ed Balls. They shout his name, undo their retweets and spread the glory of the original tweet once again with glee in their hearts and mirthful smiles on their faces.

In a few weeks time, on the marvellous day that is 28th of April (a Sunday this year), we shall swing into action. We will celebrate en masse the wonder that is Ed Balls, as Ed Balls will have reached the grand age of two years. Images will be shared, subtweets will occur, we will all simply say 'Ed Balls'.

Now that I have prepared you with the history of the great Ed Balls, I feel you are ready to see the tweet. Here you go, my friend. Bask in the moment of the
Tweet of Balls.

Ed Balls.

The Facebook event can be found here courtesy of @stavvers

[Source for images is, edited under CC which I love them for using.]